Palawan Design - Build (PDB) specializes in the design and construction of beautiful residential homes on the island of Palawan in the Philippines. We engage in all aspects of the building process for our clients. Right from the Purchasing of Land to Property Titles, Architectural Design, Building Permits, Clearances’, Construction, Interior Design & Fitout, Occupancy Certificates, Solar Systems and drilling of Water Wells. We take care of all the related services necessary for the building of your new home to facilitate a smooth transition to your settling on the beautiful island of Palawan.


Many of our clients are foreigners and nationals coming back from extended overseas postings. They plan to settle in Palawan because of its famous beaches, natural beauty and more relaxed lifestyle. Our service is designed to provide a clean, direct, no fuss path to realizing your dreams and aspirations!

If you come - We will build!


"Once again, we enter a new renaissance but this time with a powerful difference. Technology has finally and fully shaken the hand with design and construction. Just as the renaissance before, this one also promises major advances in the way design and architecture interact with our daily life.

Advanced Relational Technology now seamlessly attaches to parametric object-based design applications giving precise real-time updates to a project like never seen before. BIM, and other related applications are getting our attention and it has to be said, this is a welcome step forward and one that has the industry elated to say the least. Other enhancements in computing, data transfer speed and cloud storage give the real-time user powerful project information all at a click.

With the next generation of post graduates coming into the job market armed to the teeth with this technology one would be right to assume that the time has come for all in the industry to embrace this. Multiple users from across the spectrum of related disciplines can seamlessly interact and update any part of a complex architectural design, clashes and conflicts become apparent instantly and can be solved by the same way.

Today, building technology is once again racing ahead in leaps and bounds. It’s an exciting time for professionals who are involved. Smart data more often determines reliable and measured outcomes by providing valuable intelligence to discerning buyers and investors well in advance; Value Engineering (VE) can now be presented well before a design has been finished with AI taking on a more significant role in the near future. There's no turning back from this one, nor would you want to and what’s even better is its intuitive so long learning curbs are a thing of the past by comparison to previous technology advances within the architectural and construction industry"



TEL +63 917 775 4451 Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines, ZIP Code 5300